About us

Vliegtuigonderhoud Texel was founded by Marinus Kortenhoeven in the late 70’s. At that time all work was being done in a small part of the airport’s hangar. Kortenhoeven sr. performed all maintenance on his own until his son Michael joined the business in 1994. Since 2007 Vliegtuigonderhoud Texel is based in a brand new hangar with every feature needed for quality aircraft-maintenance. Until today father and son work together with a lot of joy and passion for the work and the aircraft.

Since December 2009 Vliegtuigonderhoud Texel has a cooperation with Vliegwerk Holland to ensure Part-145 maintenance. Vliegwerk Holland is based on Zeeland Airport and Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Through the years Vliegtuigonderhoud Texel has proved itself as a reliable maintenance company with quality maintenance for a fair price!
Below some pictures of the new hangar.
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